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Davis, Simmonds & Donaghey now offer a mediation service to help people following a breakdown of their family relationship. Michael Clarke is an All Issues Mediator trained by Resolutions.

Mediation is about helping you resolve issues that have arisen  in respect of your children, financial matters and the family home.

We are aware at Davis, Simmonds & Donaghey of the impact that the ending of a relationship can have on the people involved and their children.

We believe that mediation offers people the opportunity to resolve their issues in a calm and neutral environment.

Mediation can help you sort out your dispute, thereby reducing the possibility of costly court proceedings.

Our Mediator will meet with you initially for a mediation information and assessment meeting. Your case will be reviewed and it will be explained to you what mediation is and how it works. The cost of mediation will be discussed. The initial meeting can be held with you jointly or separately depending on the circumstances of the case.

Once mediation commences, it is usual for there to be three to six meetings with the Mediator, there is no “hard and fast rule” as each case is fact specific. Our Mediator will provide an estimate of the number of sessions required at the initial meeting.

Over the course of the sessions the Mediator will assist you in reaching your agreed proposals. if mediation is successful, the Mediator will record your proposals in a Memorandum of Understand. If the case involves finances, then the Mediator will prepare an Open Financial Statement reflecting the finances discussed. the proposals reached at mediation are not legally binding, but the parties can always visit their solicitors and request that the proposals reached at mediation are drawn up by their solicitors in the form of a legally binding agreement for submission to Court.


The cost of an initial mediation assessment meeting is £75.00 + VAT (payable in advance) If you and your ex-partner  would like to be seen separately, both parties will need to pay the fee.

The cost of joint mediation sessions, should you wish to continue thereafter is £120.00 + VAT per hour.

At present we are undertaking privately funded mediation. If it becomes apparent that you are entitled to publicly funded mediation, then you will be provided with details of alternative providers.  Further information on eligibility and availability of publicly funded mediation can be found on the Legal Aid Agency website, by calling the Legal Aid Agency on 0845 345 4345 or by visiting the Family Mediation Council’s website.

To instruct our Mediator,Michael Clarke , complete this online form, you can also email him or by call him on  01227 361 690, 01634 852 700 or 07837 484 518.

We offer mediation at both our Gillingham and Herne Bay offices.



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