The Court of Protection

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If a friend or relative loses capacity without having made a lasting power of attorney there will be nobody to manage their affairs. Anyone wishing to take on this responsibility will need to be appointed as a deputy by the court. We will advise you on what needs to be done for you to secure the necessary authority to manage that person’s affairs. We also offer advice and representation in cases where it is believed that a person is taking advantage of their position as a deputy of attorney. In such cases we can assist in having the appointment of the deputy or attorney terminated if appropriate.
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Statutory wills

A Court of Protection application can be made if a person has not made a will and no longer has capacity to do so. The Court can consider what that person might have wanted to include in their will and then make a will for them. This is called a statutory will. We will represent you in making such an application to ensure all relevant  evidence is provided to the court and represent you throughout the proceedings. 
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